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We welcome you to the exciting journey in the Arcadia through the travel application: Click Arcadia.

It is a precursor to a true tour in places that will excite your interest although you will hardly be able to tell apart or to discard some of them. It is certain that you will want to visit them all! Let’s take a classical taste of what Arcadia means:

Bucolic landscape combines mountain and sea, so is ideal for visiting all. You have not tasted the local dishes of this place? Time to try the famous honey of Vitina and sweet melitzanaki (made with small eggplants) from Leonidio. Step on the footprints of Kolokotronis and let the captain guide you to Tripolitsa. Do you enjoy winter activities? Then Arcadia is the ideal destination since its ski center Ostrakina is waiting while the river Lucius welcomes you to a unique rafting experience

 All the information for the prefectures of Arcadia with many photographs, the cities are Tripoli, Vitina, Dimitsana, Stemnitsa, Astros, Leonidio, Tyros.
 Content which covers history, culture, suggested routes, nature, gastronomy and local products.
 Meet and explore every point near you, smartly with an extensive range of categories with information about most popular suggestions. It is a pleasant way to discover the beauties of Arcadia.
 Extensive references and rich texts with information regarding points of interest, such as archeological sites, museums, neoclassical buildings, squares, villages, that will make your stay more interesting.
 The application content is constantly updated by adding new photos, new functions and features in order to be the gateway to beautiful Arcadia.
– Best cities to go: Dimitsana, Tripolis, Vityna, Mainalon, Stemnitsa, Astros, Leonidio, Tyros, Xiropigado

 Multilingualism Support: the application supports English and Greek content.
 Offline Function: you can see all the content without Internet connection. However if you are online you will see rich photographic material and features that worth to use.

From the first time you start the application, the entire content of the texts and photos of cities – prefectures will be stored. The photos you see for the first time will be automatically saved on your device. This will be useful when you won’t be connected to the internet because you’ll see the application offline. But stay logged in to use all the ingenious features of the application.

For anything you need to ask about the application, you can contact the support team of the application at: