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Your personal travel guide to Messenia!

Free download the best digital guide for Messinia on your mobile phone and/or tablet.

The travel application Click Messinia will become your best partner on an exciting journey.
A guide for true tours in places that will raise your interest and you will never forget. It is sure that you will want to visit everything! So, let’s take a glimpse of what Messinia really means.

Click Messinia will help you to navigate to Kalamata under the imposing Taygetos. With Click Messinia you will easily reach the beach of Koroni to swim overlooking the castle and the famous beach, the spectacular beach of Voidokoilia. In addition, with Click Messinia you will get lost in time until the Mycenaean era, to walk in the palace of Nestor, the king of ancient Pylos. Click Messinia offers you all the information you need to live memorable moments in Messinia.


The application of Messinia offers you extensive information for a perfect stay:
• Hotels, apartments-villas, restaurants, cafe bars.
• The most popular spots, such as Kalamata, Pylos, Nestor’s Palace, Methoni, Koroni, Messinia, Foinikounta etc.
• The main attractions, history, culture, natural environment, gastronomy and local products.
• Suggested routes, beaches and other activities.
• Prices for tickets, routes (to and from Athens and Piraeus and locally), drugstores, gas stations, maps.
• The most beautiful areas, corners and neighborhoods of Messinia with many photos.

At Click Messinia you will find detailed references and rich texts with useful information on the main points of interest (such as archaeological sites, museums, neoclassical buildings, squares, villages) that will make your stay more interesting and more enjoyable.
The Click Messinia enables you to discover and explore each point near you, smartly and fast. It is a pleasant way to discover the beauty of Messinia.
The application’s content is constantly updated, incorporating new photos, new functions and features in order to be for you a true gateway to beautiful Messinia.


• Multilingualism support: The application supports English and Greek content.
• Offline mode: You can see all content without Internet connection. However, if you are online, you will see additional photos and features that are really valuable and useful.


The application is available for iOS and Android. The first time you will use it, all the content will be stored on your device, while you will be online. This would seem particularly useful when you won’t have wi-fi connection, because you will be able to use the application offline. Although, stay online in order to use all smart features of the application such as Near By, Share, maps.


For any information you will need about the application, do not hesitate to contact our support team:
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